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Paid Advertising Bid Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) pay-for-inclusion marketing makes sure that your website is listed in the search engines’ sponsored sections. Webworld’s keyword bid management services are offered at a reasonable rate by providing your pay-per-click advertising to be at the place you want. The customers will no longer need to spend money unnecessarily on paid marketing.


For the success of the paid marketing, the selection of proper keywords or phrases are required. Along with your inputs, we make use of the keyword strategies and research and ensures you that get maximum benefit for the money you have spent for marketing.


Paid marketing assessment involves accounting. You should be aware whether your clicks are making money or losing them. Some of the tools we use for keyword selection include WordTracker, SEMrush, Keyword Discovery, Google & Yahoo Search Marketing keyword tools, and data mining analysis.

We will also let you know about our ROI calculations and tracking tools and reports. The traffics of your site are tracked using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or KissMetrics. The analytics are done in a convenient manner as the data provided by our web analytics are displayed into a dashboard and are made available online so that you can view it all by yourself.


Visitor reach your websites either through Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter and it is required that they must reach an optimized page to satisfy their objectives.  Having great experience in design and copywriting, we will create landing pages using various special tactics and strategies.

The methods to manage pay-per-click (PPC) advertising include

  • Keyword Selection: Select the appropriate keywords using tools like Key Word Discovery, Word Tracker, Google AdWords, and Yahoo Search Marketing keyword selection tools.
  • Writing the Ads: Copywriting for PPC ads must be compelling and address the keywords.
  • Build Compelling Landing Pages: The page which a visitor click to via a PPC campaign is the most important. It must be relevant to the keywords you select and show a clear call to action.
  • Bid & Monitor Keywords: You excel in PPC management by paying just what is required in order to get. In order to determine if your campaign is a success monitor what you are paying, your success and tweak ads and landing pages to optimize success!