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Email Marketing Targeted Email Campaigns for Optimal Results

Email Marketing that Grows Your Business

Staying in front of prospects and existing customers is a top priority for many business owners. When done right, email marketing campaigns are simple, efficient, cost-effective, and are read by relevant eyes.

Webworld offers email marketing services that are tailored to your individual business and integrated with your overall quarterly marketing strategy.

From list building to subscriber data analysis to campaign and creative strategy to segmentation and advanced strategy, we have the ability to drive real revenue and leads.


Guidance to help you maximize every opportunity and avoid risk.


We design, write & code responsive emails that perform beautifully.


Webworld offer a wide-selection of technology and services selections.


We’ll connect your ESP with all of your 3rd-party or custom apps.

Email Marketing – A Cost-Effective Way to Grow Your Business

Opt-in email marketing campaigns are a highly effective way to grow your home services business. What does “opt-in” mean? It means sending your messages—whether they’re to existing customers, prospective customers, referral partners, or vendors—to people that have chosen to receive them.

This type of email marketing is the direct opposite of sending unsolicited messages to unsuspecting random prospects and opt-in messaging is far more effective.

Unlike some email marketing companies, we take a comprehensive and integrated approach to your entire multichannel strategy. Our email marketing services offer real value for your company and for your potential customers. Our comprehensive range of email services includes the following.

  • Managed business & consumer email lists to reach your specific audience
  • Specialized business-to-business emails that can produce lasting relationships
  • Direct-to-consumer marketing strategies that can turn browse into buy
  • Email list brokerage services for targeted campaigns
  • Tracking and monitoring responses to measure the effectiveness
  • Email address appending and updating for maximum targeting efficiency

10 benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is utilized by thousands of all sizes across the globe. Those who are unfamiliar with this method of advertising may not immediately understand why it is so popular amongst companies in a variety of industries – but here are ten reasons why email marketing is seen by many as vital marketing tools.

Audience Research & Data Collection

It is important to know the nature of your email recipients in order to cater towards their attitudes, culture, and expectations.
Try to gather as much relevant information about your audience as you can from your email signup form. Some examples of information you might want to ask for include title, company, and location. Only ask for information that you will actually use to segment your email campaigns, as asking for too much information can decrease your rate of email signup.

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