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Custom Web-based Applications

We are strong believers that the software you use for your business should be designed around how your business operates, not the other way around. We custom design the business logic of the software and database, based on your business. You won’t have to adjust your business’s processes to our software, we will custom code the software to fit your businesses efficiencies.

Realise your most ambitious ideas

At Level Up Development, we build custom, reliable and secure multifaceted web applications to increase efficiency, automate business processes and achieve higher revenue growth.
How? We integrate your business needs and users personas for robust, user-friendly platforms tailored to your specific needs and existing technology. The result all your data interacts seamlessly, saving time, increasing productivity and reducing errors significantly.

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Custom Web Application Advantages

Streamline your business with a custom web application. Digital Titans develops fast, secure web-based apps tailored to your business processes. Your employees and your customers can communicate and carry out tasks from any location. Access your business from any location and any device: phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

  • The application can be customized at any time.
  • Tasks that took hours to complete now only take minutes.
  • Better data management means finding information quickly and easily.
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Information can be shared securely around the world with multiple users.
  • You can add new features to the application at any time.
  • Optional 256-bit aes hardware encryption.
  • Multi-browser compatibility.

Multifaceted Security Considerations For Large and Small Projects

Industry trends and architectural patterns come and go, but security concerns are here to stay for businesses and end users alike. Webworld approaches security as a fundamental component at all stages of the software development lifecycle. We take extensive measures to apply security controls across all facets of your web project

Application Security

Attack vectors identification Vulnerability scan

Standard Compliance

ISO/IEC 27001:2005 ISO/IEC 9001:2008

Customer Security

Security & IP protection policies 2 Factor authentication

Advanced web-based systems that guarantee good operating results

Latest tools are used to create robust and state-of-the-art applications that can be implemented on many server platforms and web technologies.
Performance, Load and Stress Testing

Performance testing is a part of our development process. We build sites for success and develops to allow for scalability and future growth. Our team builds automated test cases to stimulate thousands or millions of users, to ensure that your site can handle the traffic.


Usability is critical to the success of a web site. Although we build applications that can perform any complex task, simple, user-friendly interface designs are also integrated.


You’ll need robust security features for mobile apps and data, as well as central governance with straightforward controls. Optional 2 step authentications for your web apps.

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Unlimited Features

Build the right solutions with right technologies and tools.

Technology Consulting

Our technical experts perform a thorough evaluation of your project needs and available technology stacks to help you pick the most appropriate option.

Discovery & Planning

We help define the project strategy and roadmap, clarify requirements and prepare the required documentation to ensure you are fixing the right problems and optimizing the right actions.

Software Prototyping

A proof-of-concept helps evaluate the feasibility of your concept for real-world implementation and assess the potential of your idea with minimum resources consumed.